Version 2.5.0


  • Introduced Metatags functionality
  • Added default states per device functionality
  • Added position filter as a default state per device

Version 2.4.3 (Hotfix)

  • Added auto share state sensors with groups on state creation

Version 2.4.2 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed disconnect sensors (leave group)
  • Fixed list users of an anonymous group

Version 2.4.1 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed delete sensor (removed old code caused by a merge)

Version 2.4.0


  • A serious speed-up for deleting sensors
  • A new default state sensor: position (instant transmission filter)
  • Fixed: active triggers / data processors for deleted sensors
  • Fixed: incorrect status code when requesting unauthorized group sensors

Version 2.3.3 (Hotfix)

  • Fix MongoDB load for query with sensor_id column in remove sensor/data

Version 2.3.2 (Hotfix)

  • Fixed uploading a single data point to MonogDB

Version 2.3.1 (Hotfix)

  • Apprentice can now share sensors in a group

Version 2.3.0


  • Increased user anonymity for anonymous groups.
    • Groups that share sensors anonymously will return a masked user_id when requesting full sensor details
  • Login using Facebook
  • Share sensors in public groups (for all account types)
  • Speed-ups for storing sensor data
  • Fixed: set the default user rights when creating a new group
  • Fixed: delete a single sensor data point