Sense – Privacy Policy

Sense provides a cloud platform for storing data. Our business is to allow people and developers to make use of this infrastructure. We are not in the business of selling or renting out user information. Sense applies a privacy policy for all development and applications. This policy is there to ensure safety and privacy of your personal data.

Your data is yours

You control what data you collect in SenseIoT.

Your data is only accessible to you.

You can remove all your data from SenseIoT.

Sharing your data

You decide what data you share with other people, groups, or applications. Sense recommends you to share only aggregated or manipulated ‘states’, rather than raw sensor data.

Your data is not shared unless you explicitly and mindfully agree to do so.

You can see at any time with whom you share your data.

You can revoke your consent for sharing at any time.

Please note that Sense cannot control who copies, stores or reroutes your data once you have shared it.

You always share your data related to a specific use. Your permission is only given for this specific use. For any other use of the data, your explicit permission is again needed.

Your permission to share your data cannot be used to apply “second hand” sharing of your shared data.

When applications ask you to share your data for a specific purpose, the question needs to be formulated in a way that you can understand the request and the consequences of sharing the data.

Sense will do everything within reasonable efforts to make sure that applications comply with our privacy policy.

Even though we do our best to protect your rights, trusting an application and giving applications access to your data still remains your own responsibility.

We value security

We are committed to protecting the security of your information. We take all commercially reasonable precautions to protect your data. However, as Internet data transmissions cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure, you acknowledge that you collect and possibly share your data at your own risk.

Your password is protected by encryption and only you have access to it.

Data sent from the Sense mobile app to the SenseIoT cloud is encrypted.

If you want to stop using Sense-IoT

You can cancel your SenseIoT account at any time.

Once you cancel your account, your data will no longer be accessible to other users or applications.

Your personal data will not be deleted for at least one year, unless you purposely delete your data before you cancel your account.