Cortex – Mobile Intelligence

Cortex is a library of Artificial Intelligence Modules (AIM) which can be used in your Android or iOS application to add context awareness.

Cortex is an extension of our Android and iOS client libraries and can easily be incorporated in your Sense powered application by importing our Cortex libraries. To obtain the cortex library please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Documentation of our Cortex library can be found here: Android, iOS, Native

Currently Cortex contains the following functionalities:

Location based:

  • Geo-Fencing (Android, iOS)
    Location based notifications when leaving or entering an area
  • Position noise filter (Android, iOS)
    Removes bogus GPS data coming from GSM/WIFI
  • Distance measure between GPS points (Native)
    Calculates the distance in meters between GPS points
  • Top Locations (Android, ios)
    Ranking of the most visited locations

Activity based:

  • Physical Activity recognition (Android, iOS)
    Recognizes the activity of the user: walking, running, cycling, idle
  • Human fall detector (Android, iOS)
    Detects a fall consisting of 4 stages: free fall, impact, orientation change, and inactivity
  • Step Counter (Android, ios)
    Calculates the amount of physical steps
  • Sleep Time (Android, ios)
    Measures the time a user goes to sleep and wakes up, and calculates the effective amount of sleep hours
  • Sit / Stand Activity (Android, ios)
    Determines whether a user is most likely sitting or standing (works best in combination with Carry Device)
  • Time Active (Android, ios)
    Registers how much time a user has been physically active

Presence based:

  • Carry device: on body, in hand (Android, iOS)
    Recognizes if the device is with the user and whether it is being operated or is in a pocket

Cortex Examples

To help you on your way we created an Android and iOS demo project with Cortex.

This project provides useful code snippets that you can use in your own application. It also shows how to use the basic functionalities of the Sense client libraries.

Try out the demo applications Android, iOS